News:: DJ Shadow hits Vancouver

The blog world is about to flip the script on DJ Shadow. It's been four years since he released the lukewarmly received Private Press, and an astounding 10 years since Endtroducing blew up. DJ Shadow has moved into main stream status without really ever losing his underground creds.

Hopefully that won't change now that his new album, the Outsider, is getting the royal treatment. I hope it doesn't, but the blog world is fickle. As soon as someone gets any success, people tend to throw around the sell-out tag.

Granted, I'm very much on the fence with what I've heard so far. The album is a bit disjointed. For a lot of it he's switched up his stee, leaving his 808 at home and using some crazy blips and bleeps. He also rocks some Coldplay-esque sounding tracks with Chris James, but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. The album is more full of cameos than a Will Ferrell joint, but the cameos have some pull (Q-tip, Lateef and Kasabian). It wil be interesting to see how those who are used to DJ Shadows old work accept this album, as compared to the new breed who will be more receptive to the new style of songs he drops.

Here's a sample:
WM:: Enuff - ft. Q-tip & Lateef

Regardless of how the new album is received, he puts on a solid live show. He's embarking on a North American tour that starts here in Vancouver. Needless to say, I'm hyped. Without fail, people will leave the Commodore covered in DJ Shadow stank, as he's rocking a ten-piece band. Sadly, he's hooking up with Massive Attack after he leaves the Uppper West.

Tour Dates:
19 Vancouver, British Columbia @ Commodore Ballroom
20 Seattle, WA - Showbox Theatre

For a great read about the fantastical Endtroducing album, check out Eliot Wilder's 33 1/3 novella.

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