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It's not a secret, I grew up idolizing the three Jewish rappers from the NYC. Bootlegs, t-shirts, cd singles.. yep yep I got em. For the last few years, I've come to grips with the fact the boys will be hanging up their mics. I got to see them one last time in Toronto, on what can only be classified as a farewell tour.

In a fantastic way to end it all, the BBoys ended their Challah at Your Boy tour with a show at Madison Square Garden. Here's the rub - they gave 50 fans video cameras and let them film the show. Adam Yauch then edited all the footage into a killer concert film entitled, "Awesome... I Fucking Shot That."

It's no secret adding Mix Master Mike to the crew drastically improved the Beastie's live show and this show is no exception. As he scratches on a Howard (trying to talk like him) Coah-sell sample to get the crowd hype, his skill on the ones and two is nice. I've seen many different iterations of the Beasties, and with MMM is the way to go.

The set is a greatest hits, touching on all their material from all the albums. They rock the old, the new, and kick it prom style for a few instrumentals. Any fan would be hyped to see this show, and now because of the fantastic idea, any fan gets to feel like they watched the show from the eyes of fifty fans.

Some speical moments:
  • Calling out Dougie E. Fresh to beat box
  • The extreme close up on Adrock's wallabees
  • Hearing the crowd sing along to Paul Revere
  • Getting hyped as MMM uses songs I hate in ways I love - Bubba Sparxxx for example
  • Getting to see the Beasties do the weave, and other classic stage tricks
  • Adrock putting on huge blinged out specs and then pointing out the original spectacled emcee - DMC
  • Capping off years of amazing music with a timeless performance I can watch over and over again
Any Beastie Boy fan needs to get this video. With the 2.5 hours of extra footage, a tight set list, matching hats and outfits and lots of NY love.

Say what you want about the NY emcees. They've repped their hood since the 21 jump. Not much more old school than that.

Paul Brill is about to release his sophmore record, Harpooner. Well about to equals November, but still. Paul's music will strike a chord with any John Vanderslice fan (especially vocally), however, where JVS uses more hip-hop backed beat for a lot of his quirky pop, Brill uses more subdued sounds to create his down tempoed melodies.

The record, although all over the place stylistically, flows together well. Relying more on percussion than anything else, Brill's songs are very mood setting. The canvas style he uses is interesting to me. The layers add up like paint, and I can imagine Brill taking a step back to look at his work, before adding another subtle splash to a corner or adding a hidden treat mainly for his own enjoyment. This isn't a record that will grab you right away. You need to take the time to appreciate it.

MP3:: Paris is On
The elctro backbeat and piano on this track are addictive. Without being a dancey type song, the programmed back beat pushes the track forward, before getting into the cymbal crashing chorus. It's the only upbeat song on the record, so it's not surprising that this is the song people are identifying with.
Mp3:: Paris is On - Jason Forrest mix

@ 12:48 PM, koobs kicked the following game:

The Beastie Boys 2004 tour was called the Pageant Tour, not the Challah at Your Boy Tour. And it wasn't a farewell tour. The band are doing some shows in South America later this year. They also have publicly confirmed they are working on a new album, which they will likely tour in support of.

You are correct about every Beastie Boys fan needing to get the "Awesome" dvd.


@ 1:05 PM, ack kicked the following game:

Hey Koobs. Thanks for the comment. I wonder if the Pagaent tour was the official name, or just one that got passed around. The video itself says it was the Challah at your Boy tour, but that could be PR or a misprint.

I hope they are working on the new album, but as we all found out after Ill Communication and Hello Nasty, plans for a new album were in the works for 4-6 years in the making (and the rumors said those were going to be produced by the Wu!). Even EMI/Capitol never knows when if ever the albums will come out. Hopefully they have the legs to get at it one more time.


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