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Usually a movie that gets huge amounts of praise is one I'm not going want to see. The things that appeal to me in film can't usually be parlayed into mainstream appeal. After seeing Little Miss Sunshine last night, obviously that is not a rule set in stone. I'm not a film snob and certainly not a critic, I just seem to prefer movies where not much happens and the plot revolves around every day interactions, nothing grandiose.

The film was fantastic. Kinear, Carell, Toni Collette and Alan Arkin all deliver fantastic performances and somehow despite the fact the movie more or less points out that no matter how great you are or how hard you try, something will end up ruining it for you, it was laugh-out-loud funny and strangely uplifting.

Going in, I thought it would be a dark comedy that made me chuckle happily. Instead you get a dark comedy where the whole theatre is in tears laughing, without resulting to the slapstick antics, easy punch lines or getting attacked by a panther.

Check out the trailer here.

To keep this somewhat music related, most of the original score was written by everyone's favorite pop playing gypsy rockers, DeVotchKa. Their unique brand of quirk pop fits the movie's mood perfectly, without dominating any of the scenes. Here are a few of songs from the flick::

MP3:: How it Ends - via GvsB
MP3:: You Love Me

You can also visit the hype machine for a lot more DeVotchKa.

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