The Ack Gets Married

Ok, I'm sure plenty of you have been asking "Where's Ack?" for the past week or so. Well believe it or not, once in a while the Ack has more important things on his plate than letting our loyal readers know which new singer-songwriters' haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics are making him weak in the indie rock knees. Well last week was just such an occasion as Ack journeyed back to Ontario to marry the very smart, talented, and lovely Nicola. Petra and I were honoured to be in the wedding party and be witness to one of the funnest and most unique weddings we've been a part of.

Before the wedding I often kidded Ack about the fact that in marrying Nic, he was "marrying up". But Ack is certainly good people, and I think they've both done very well in the spouse department. Ack should be back in effect tommorrow, so let's all welcome him back with some warm wedding wishes from the hill.


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