Heard Enough Sloan? Never

One of the many things I planned on doing once I moved home was try and help promote Maritime music here on the hill. It seemed like a good idea as I love all things Halifax/Maritimes related (ask Ack, he'll tell you, perhaps without even the asking) and we've got this music website up and smoking. Unfortunately up until now, I have done a piss-poor job. So what better way to get some Maritime music momentum going than with a big fat post about the biggest band Halifax ever produced? No, not April Wine. Not even Thrush Hermit (that would be the biggest band Clayton Park ever produced). Of course I speak of the almighty Sloan.

I've heard two songs from the album, but if you're at all familiar with Sloan, I think you know what you're gonna get. There's gonna be some catchy guitars, all 4 fellas are gonna sing at least one song, there might be some Halifax and/or Canada references, and you just might hear some handclaps. But what you don't know, is that the new album, Never Hear The End Of It, is a double album 30 tracks deep. Well it's a double album if you buy the vinyl, it also comes on one single solitary cd. But for kicks let's list the songs in double album format:

Flying High Again
Who Taught You To Live Like That?
I've Gotta Try
Everybody Wants You
Listen To The Radio
Fading Into Obscurity
I Can't Sleep

Someone That I Can Be True With
Right Or Wrong
Something's Wrong
Ana Lucia
Before The End Of The Race
I Understand
You Know What It's About

Golden Eyes
Can't You Figure It Out?
Set In Motion
Love Is All Around
Will I Belong?
Ill Placed Trust
Live The Life You're Dreaming Of

Living With The Masses
People Think They Know Me
I Know You
Last Time In Love
It's Not The End Of The World
Light Years
Another Way I Could Do It

Want to see video of the recording process for Sloan's new album? Check out their site.

Check out 2 new songs on the infamous myspace.

Or if you'd prefer, download a new song - Fading Into Obscurity

@ 4:54 PM, Anonymous Mark kicked the following game:

Sloan rules...


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