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Well, to quote the infamous Billy Idol, "it's a nice day to staaaaaart agaaain." The wedding was awesome. So many friends from all over the globe came, herohill reunited, Nicola looked amazing and our minister sucked. Classic wedding. In an attempt to segue into something, my new brother-in-law and I were talking music and we got on to the subject of Okkervil River. He mentioned he had a track where Julie Doiron (of Eric's Trip fame) played with them.

Being from the East Coast of Canada, very few local bands really ended up making it. Sure, Sloan and Thrush Hermit made some noise, but the first really big band to get cred was Eric's Trip. I mean, they were on the same label as Nirvana! In the early 90's, that was the jam.

In my mind, Julie Dorion was always so hidden in the band. She's been working on her solo career for years, and jagjaguwar is releasing another solo release from the chanteuse. The fantastic thing about this release is it was recorded with the Eric's Trip alum.

She is amazing. At times she sings in French but even if you don't understand the lyrics you can still feel her emotion. Her melancholy ditties tend to only use the bare essentials when it comes to instrumentation, creating an intimate feel. As I found out this weekend, it's the type of music you listen to while drinking a coffee on Sunday morning after one too many drinks and just want to lie in bed beside someone without having t osay a word.

Check out the first single and a few other ditties::
MP3:: Me and My New Friend (new)
MP3:: Dance All Night
MP3:: Will He Forget
MP3:: MP3:: Explain

@ 3:36 PM, Paul kicked the following game:

So glad you like her! Have you ever listened to Ida? I'm thinking they might appeal to anyone who likes Julie Doiron... particularly older stuff.. anything off of "Tales of Brave Ida" or "I Know About You".


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