Kool Moe Dee Week: Day 2

Ok, day two of Kool Moe Dee week here at herohill finds us looking at the video for what could be considered Kool Moe's "breakout" jam. I speak of course of Wild Wild West.

But first, as Kool Moe Dee knows, Knowledge Is King, so let's do some Moe Dee knowledge. Born Mohandas Dewese on August 8th, 1962, Moe Dee learned to rock the mic and the wrap around shades in Manhattan. In the late 70's, Kool Moe formed the Treacherous Three with Special K, L.A. Sunshine, and DJ Easy Lee. Their first single was "The New Rap Language" which described their new faster rappin' style. They stayed together until the mid 80's when Moe Dee decided to strike out on his own.

1987's How Ya Like Me Now, was Moe's second album and the one that made Kool Moe Dee's name a household word. The video for Wild Wild West was a little cheesy, even for 1987, but it's quite a bit awesome to look back on now. Basically the song talks about the gang violence that goes down in Moe's NYC hood. So of course the obvious way the portray this in a video would be to dress Moe Dee and his posse up in leather cowboy outfits and have them dance around in the snow like an effeminate, ghetto western version of West Side Story.

Well perhaps that's not the obvious choice, but that's what they did. I'm not sure if people were dying to see Kool Moe Dee in a red cowboy hat and matching red leather gloves gather up his crew and dance-fight a rival crew in the middle of a faux western town, but that's what you get here. If I was lame I'd chuck in some kind of Brokeback joke here, but I'm not. So I won't. I should also mention that this jam was the showstopper at our high school dances. Ack and I went to Halifax West, the song is called Wild Wild West, do the math.

Now enjoy the video:

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