Kool Moe Dee Week: Day 3

By now, I'm sure you're all as engrossed with Kool Moe Dee week as we are. So let's get to today's video, the title track off 1987's How Ya Like Me Now. considering the cover for How Ya Like Me Now features a red Kangol under the tire of Moe Dee's jeep, it shouldn't be surprising that the single How Ya Like Me Now is a thinly veiled shot at a certain James who is loved by the ladies.

Moe Dee fancies himself a bit of a hip hop historian and also as a bit of a guardian of hip hop tradition. The book he wrote, There's A God On The Mic, which details Kool Moe's opinions on the 50 greatest MC's in the hip hop biz, helps prove this. It is probably because he saw himself in this guardian role that he picked one of hip hop's most famous fights with LL Cool J. Feeling like the young upstart LL was biting his rhyme style, Kool fired the first volly with the funky, Teddy Riley produced How Ya Like Me Now. He describes the situation in the first verse: "How you think it feels to see another MC get paid using my rap style".

But it's not only LL Moe felt the need to criticsize. In the liner notes for How Ya Like Me Now, Kool Moe gave out rap report cards for a number of rap's top MC's of the time. Apparently Chuck D only scored an 80, with the Beastie Boys scoring even lower with a 70. The B-Boys did poorly in most categories, with the exception of Sticking To Themes where they scored a perfect 10. This is the basis for the infamous line in Intergalactic "I got an A from Moe Dee for stickin' to themes". Coincidently, Moe Dee himself scored 95 using a scoring system he himself invented. How Surprising.

The video itself is a tame affair, notable mainly for Moe Dee's absoludicrous getups. At this point in time he's still a proud graduate of the Eddie Murphy/Rick James school of fashion with the tight leather suits and crazy knee high boots. The video opens with Moe Dee and his tuxedo clad dancer homies doing a snazzy NKOTB group dance number. It goes on from there to show Moe Dee tying up and dissing a biting MC, and then rapping while some generic chicks get their dance on. Moe then performs onstage at what appears to be an 80s sitcom strip joint.

All in all it's a pretty regular Moe Dee outing, but the catchy beat and the outfits make it for me. Check it yourself:

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