Kool Moe Dee Week: Day 4

Can you believe it's already day four of Kool Moe Dee week here on herohill? It is hard to believe. Today's video features Kool Moe's final entry in his LL battle trilogy, Death Blow.

From his 1991 release, Funke, Funke Wisdom, Moe Dee intended this jam to settle the score once and for all. I think this did indeed mark the end of the battle, but I think that was due more to the fact that LL became too big a star to worry about Moe anymore. So for those keeping score at home, the chronology of the beef is as follows:

Kool Moe Dee - "How Ya Like Me Now"
LL Cool J - "Jack the Ripper"
Moe Dee - "Let's Go"
LL - "To The Break of Dawn"
Moe Dee - "Death Blow"

Unfortunatelty for Moe and his A+ level rappin' skills, I think pretty much everyone outside of Moe's immediate famliy thinks he got served by Uncle L. This is despite the fact that Moe Dee is sometimes credited with inventing the battle rap due to his roasting of old school legend Busy Bee at a party being held in his honor. Moe Dee was certainly game, but LL just seemed hungrier and his rhymes seem to have more bite:

"Homeboy, hold on, my rhymes are so strong
Nothing could go wrong, so why do you prolong
Songs that ain't strong, brother, you're dead wrong
And got the nerve to have them Star Trek shades on
Huh, you can't handle the whole weight
Skin needs lotion, teeth need Colgate"

Whereas Moe Dee just continued to complain about LL biting his style (which probably didn't even happen to begin with, but whatever gets you going I guess) and tried to freak some aliteration:

"Low-life loser, life like luna
Lackadaisical, lipless luna
Tic liver lifeless, living likeness
Lusting, longing lyrics like this
Little league, lard, larcenist, liar
Label ledger, left the leper liar"

Umm, riiight, there's a way to win a battle, break out your literary tricks. No wonder LL got bored with this. The video unfortunately doesn't help much either. There's a fake LL in a ring like the "Mama Said Knock You Out" video who's literally spitting his rhymes and uses a speak & spell thingy. But Moe Dee doesn't really make himself look all that cool being trained by some kind of rap sensei and then getting a massage while sporting a red hat that says "Kool" in sparkles. Manly. At least there's not much Moe Dee dancing in this one. Check it out:

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