Kool Moe Dee Week: Day 5

Here it is, the final day of Kool Moe Dee week here on the hill. I'll be sad to see it end. But I know what so many of you (or just Ack) are asking, what's the final video? Well it's not a video per se, but a stellar clip from the 1984 pilot for a proposed tv show called Graffiti Rock, which Moe Dee hosted with his Treacherous Three homie Special K.

Really, if you've watched none of the other videos this week, watch this one. Graffiti Rock seemed like it was intended to be a Soul Train for the hip hop generation (or perhaps American Bandstand based on the plethora of dorky white kids getting their b-boy on). So they had Moe Dee and Special K host, had a live DJ, plenty of breakers, and a graffiti inspired set. There were live performances too, the main being by the kings of rock, Run DMC. The clip is of a "battle" between Kool Moe & Special K and Run DMC. I use battle in the loosest form of the word in that the MC's take turns going back and forth, but no one even acknowledges the presence of the other MCs.

But it is excellent. Notice the contrast in the outfits between the Treacherous 3 camp and Run DMC. Moe & Special K are rocking the skin tight leather pants with the knee high white boots. An adventurous fashion statement to be sure, but looking back, it looks a tad bit suspect. Run and D however are rocking the black Lee jeans, black leather jackets, and the cool black hats. Say what you will about Run DMC's contribution to hip hop, but you can't deny they've always been cool as hell.

As far as battles of freestyle sessions go, this one isn't top choice, in fact I think Run's 2 verses and from other songs. But who cares, it pretty much kicks derriere anyway. Check Moe's second verse where he stands perfectly still in a b-boy stance and delivers his rhymes looking straight into the camera. Moe don't play. Plus the crowd helps the whole vibe, check out the dude in the red Kangol and huge glasses behind Run, he rules, and he knows it. Finally let's not forget the late, great Jam Master Jay is on the wheels of steel. Can't beat that. Check it for yourself:

So there you go, Kool Moe Dee week has come and gone, hope you enjoyed it. Let us know if there's anyone you'd like to see profiled for week here on the hill.

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