Kool Moe Dee Week

Yep, you heard right, you have 5 days of Kool Moe Dee posts to looks forward to. Why? Well because I can. Also because the other day I wanted to see the subject of today's post, the 1989 classic I Go To Work. So I turned to the current internet wonderdrug, youtube, and found what I was looking for. But there was plenty of Kool Moe footage to be had, and it was obvious that it needed to be shared with the masses.

But why Kool Moe? Well why not? Truthfully I was never a big Moe Dee fan back in the day, I thought he was a little corny with the leather caps and wrap around shades. But looking back, he deserves plenty of props, even for rocking the leather hats and goofy shades. But besides that, he was a member of one of New York's most legendary old school groups, The Treacherous Three, he was a part of hip hop's earliest and most storied beefs with LL Cool J, and he's also written a book, 2003's "There's A God On The Mic". Do you need more than that? Too bad, that's all there is.

So why do you need to see today's video, I Go To Work? Mainly because it's excellent, and is so perfectly 1989. If you were down with hip hop at all in 1989, you know what I mean. The crazy James Bond sampled beat lends itself to the bond themed video that features Moe Dee in some kind of smoking jacket and matching leather cap. There's a mad scientist, Moe Dee pilots a yacht, he dons a white tux jacket and bowtie to fight a posse of Ninjas with choreography that would make Seagal blush, and he fights a cyborg in slow motion. Seriously, who in the rap biz would do this kind of video now? I know music in general has changed, but perhaps no genre as drastically as hip hop.

But don't take my word for it, check it for yourself:

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