News:: Give back to the music community by helping Pat from Rogue Wave

As music fans, it is easy to become selfish. We assume our favorite bands will keep creating records we love and if they don't, we slag them. With the internet, the amount of free music most of us get is obscene. Well, now is your chance to give back to music community.

Pat Spurgeon is the drummer for the great band - Rogue Wave. Pat was born with only one kidney and is fighting the battle of affording a kidney transfer to live. Being a citizen of the United States, he's going to have a hefty bill to support the donor and himself during the process and the recovery period.

The band - and some of their friends - are having a benefeit show and asking fans to help Pat out. Think about the money you saved by downloading the albums, and multiply that by the number of hours of enjoyment the band's music brought you. Make a donation. Then head over to and let Tyler know about it. He's matching donations up to $100 bucks.

Here's the official press release for the show:
On September 30th 2006, San Francisco band Rogue Wave will host a benefit concert to raise money for their drummer Pat Spurgeon, who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

The benefit concert will feature performances by Rogue Wave, Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie,) Matthew Caws (Nada Surf,) Ryan Miller (Guster,) John Vanderslice, and other special guests. Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snickett) will MC the event.

Pat was born with one kidney and it failed. He had his first transplant in 1993, which served him well until now. After 13 years, it has started to deteriorate. He has been on dialysis since April and is hoping desperately to find a donor. Some of their friends have gotten tested to see if they are a match, but Pat has yet to hear good news. Provided he finds a donor, there will be an enormous amount of costs that both Pat and his donor will incur.

In a logical world, medical insurance would cover his donor’s and his expenses after the procedure, but it does not; so he and his family must carry the financial burden. The expenses can be huge. We are trying to raise money for costs like: donor’s travel, care, bills, lost work wages, etc., as well as Pat’s expenses, care, bills, etc. while he is in recovery.

If you cannot attend the show, we encourage you to donate whatever you can.

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