News:: The Grates, Album Leaf in Vancouver and Notre Dame has a huge game this weekend

It's Friday. It's been an exhausting week, but just some things to keep you going:

Remember the Grates? Well, after hearing Patience talk about her friend popping blood vessels in her eye during a bong hit, I certainly do. Their new record - Gravity Won't Get You High - is doing great (ba-zing!).
Check out the new video for Science is Golden.

I'm smitten with the new record from the Album Leaf - Into the Blue Again. It's no secret we love the band, and they are coming to Vancouver (the Plaza) on November 17th and bringing Dirty on Purpose with them. Should be a fantastic night.

Tomorrow, Notre Dame tackles Michigan in NCAA football. Fifty percent of herohill loves all things Notre Dame - Rudy, the Rocket, Gold helmets. The other 50% of us is an idiot. Tomorrow we are going to commentate the game via MSN. It should be chalk full of bad jokes and bitterness.

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