News:: M Ward, Jeremy Enigk, Rogue Wave and more this weekend

Every so often, Vancouver has a great run of shows, however this weekend is unreal. Starting today, some of the biggest bands in hipster rock will be hitting my fair city, after appearances at Seattle's legendary Bumbershoot Festival.

Here's a quick rundown:
Sept 1st - Of Montreal.

Sept 2nd - M Ward (read what we had to say about Post War here.

Sept 2nd - Jeremy Enigk. Front man of the legendary Sunny Day Real Estate is back with his first solo album in 10 years. I am actually old enough to have been around for SDRE, so I'm sad to have to miss this one. Filter is hyping this guy, so I hope he finally starts getting the credit he deserves.
MP3::Been Here Before

Sept 2nd - Jose Gonzales and Zero 7. Delicate finger picking, mixed in with subtle electronic beats? This show will be rocking. Here's a link to some of Jose's live cuts.

Sept 3rd - Rogue Wave. Both halves of herohill love this band, so here's a review from when they played Toronto.

Sept 4 - Matt Costa. Brushfire record's latest supa-star. Here's some thought on Matt.

Sorry for the quick, nothing new post but I'm heading to Toronto today to start prepping for my wedding. So for the next week... the posts will be slow and boring. To quench your thirst, visit Aquarium Drunkard for an awesome collection of Dylan b-sides from the legendary Freewheelin album.

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