Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reviews:: Andrew Bird and Dosh @ the Media Club

Last night marked Andrew Bird's first ever visit to Vancouver. In a unique venue choice, Bird played the intimate Media Club, and decided to book two shows so everyone could hear him. I'm a big fan of the early show. I'm old, I'll admit it, but hearing a couple great sets of music and still having time to hook up for pints is much better than waiting around through local acts until 1AM for the headliner.

Andrew Bird is an interesting man. His talent is undeniable. His use of violin, guitar, whistling, loops and a booming emotional voice with various techniques and styles often leaves crowds raving. His quirky personality and eccentric actions are sometimes too much for people, but last night he was at his best.

The show opened up with Anticon alum, IDM- er, Martin Dosh. Dosh worked through a hectic set of beats, textures and energy. Much like Canadian wonderkid, Caribou, Dosh combines sound effects, drum machines, keys and live drums in a improvisational mish mash of styles. His 30 minute set ranges from tight to sloppy, uptemp to chilled, but certainly didn't disappoint. Heads were nodding, which is sayiing something for a crows waiting to hear Bird at 7PM.

His new record is coming out in two weeks, and with guest spots by Tapes n' Tapes and Bird, I sense some big blog love for Dosh.
MP3:: Steve the Cat
MP3:: Nothing New

Dosh stayed on stage and played percussion for Bird. Bird, as per suaul was decked to the nine in a stylin' suit and tie. Harnassing his guitar over his neck like the Six-String Samurai, he and Dosh opened the set with a musical score-esque using brushed drums, hand cymbals, guitar, violin and Bird trademark whistle. The crowd teetered on edge, many unfamiliar with Bird stage tactics.

As he broke into A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, the crowd exploded. Dosh's drum work coupled with the looping violin and Bird's stycatto voice meshed perfectly. I've seen Bird in many forms, but the intense percussions Dosh adds is my favorite. The persistent back beat adds so much energy to Bird's songs. As he went into Measuring Cups, the crowd was sensing thei sshort set was going to be spot on.

Bird delighted the crowd with a grab bag on tracks, new and old. Getting to hear Why? and Capitol Eye were fantastic, and Bird slowed down the set with some solo work - well as solo as one man looping instruemnts, playing violin, guitar, xylophone and whistling at what seemed to be the same time - before calling Dosh back to the stage for the first new song. Plastic Cities was written in a crazy hotel room that looped four-songs over and over (Age of Aquarius and the theme from Deliverance were two of them) and was a frantic song full of changes and energy. Bird was engaging, and genuinely seemed happy to be making his trip to the greater Northwest.

If the late set was anything like our's, lots of Vancouverites left happy last night.
Video:: Plastic Cities (live) - via YouTube

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