Thursday, September 21, 2006

Reviews:: Easy Anthems

I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from Phil Jimenez waiting in my inbox. Phil, also known for his work with Beat Radio and Gordo Gringo is focusing on a new project with his on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again-on-again girlfriend, and now wife Vanessa.

Easy Anthems is a unique art influenced project that just happens to be putting out some terrific music. I was instantly grabbed by the track, Were Are You Gunna Break. A delicate strumming acoustic, lush strings, a banjo, drums and a drum machine all contribute to the mix before Vanessa’s voice takes over. The song has a Joni Mitchell quality. The soft vocals power through the music effortlessly, in a modern take on the folk music from years past. Phil’s muted back-up vocals sound Jonah Matranga/Ian Love-esque, as they hover in the distance, almost as if they are calling out hoping to be heard.

The duo mixes styles successfully. The traditional sounds of Old Suitcase showcase Phil’s vocals and the cello of Rebecca Perea with strong harmonies from Vanessa, but then The Great Plan gallops along in up-tempo ditty that uses the floor tom and dueling vocals in a country feel similar to Island’s song Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby. I’m very excited to hear the full album as the members of this New York collective continue to impress.

MP3:: When Are You Gunna Break – peep this
MP3:: Old Suitcase
MP3:: The Great Race
MP3:: BB Shooting

Their self-titled debut is due out in a couple weeks and some scattered dates will be following.

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