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One great thing about being a part of the blogging community is the almost friendships you develop with artists. Despite the fact you may lose some objectivity, you really feel like the music you like becomes a part of you. It's no secret that herohill is a big supporter of Beat Radio. Brian's music and outlook on his muscial career really hits home with us. He writes music he loves and wants the world to hear it, regardless of the financial gains. Free albums online? Sure. Demos of new tracks for all to grab and trade? Absolutely.

That's why when we saw an email from a friend of his, Evan Duby, we were quick to check this new artist out. While Beat Radio's recent work is more foucsed on upbeat pop songs, Evan falls more into the singer/songwriter category, although that might be simplifying the output.

Evan's four song EP - Bridge & Tunnel - is a character study as opposed to another singer looking for a catchy riff to hold his sophomore year philosphical questions. Too many artists are simply asking generic questions in clever word play. Evan avoids this trap and approaches life with a much more optimistic, down-to-earth sensibility.

Opening with Separate Ways, you been hard-pressed to not want to make a Ryan Adams comparison. Evan challenges himself by tracking a two guitar sounds and some synths to make a ear catching first track.
MP3:: Separate Ways

The song that really grabbed me was the beautiful Words. A delicate picked riff is accompanied by tone setting cello of Rebecca Perea and some simple keys. I'm a fan of the UK attitude of not being ashamed to have a song on the radio, and Words is tailor made for NPR listeners.
MP3:: Words

He's playing some North East dates, so go check him out::
Sep 11/5:30 PM The Septmber Concert - Stonehenge Fireman's Memorial Plaza New York, NY 235 West 48th Street
Sep 14 Hank's Saloon Brooklyn, NY 46 Third Avenue at the corner of Atlantic Ave
Sep 21 The Space Hamden, CT 295 Treadwell Street
Oct 3 Arlene's Grocery New York, NY 95 Staton Street
Oct 21 Empire Tea & Coffee Newport, RI 22 Broadway
Nov 6 Pete's Candy Store Brooklyn, NY

@ 2:48 AM, Anonymous Becky kicked the following game:

The first paragraph of your article made me nod my head. I got a random, MySpace friend request from Evan a while back. In one of his first messages, he offered to give his music away.The concept of free records was alien to me.

I don't hear the Ryan Adams influence, though I know he's in the mix. "Pale" is the clincher here for me. You can't listen to it, and not make a comparison to Lloyd Cole. The delicate triangle in the background, the plaintive guitar, the smile in the midst of desolation.

I feel as lucky as you to have such almost friendships.

Evan Duby-


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