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I haven’t been really focusing on the Left Coast side of things, so the fact I’ve been playing the new Purrs record helps me kill two birds with one rock. The Purrs are a Seattle based band that are finally getting some attention.

Their self-titled album on Sarathon records is actually a mini-greatest hits package featuring remastered tracks from the Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of LP and No Particular Bar, No Particular Town EP. I’m not sure if Seattle is still known for the Grunge sound, but the Purrs definitely do no not fit into that mold. The songs use fuzzy,jangly guitars and morose lyrics about drinking. Lots and lots of drinking.

Instead of channeling Pearl Jam, or Alice in Chains, this four-piece draws from the Velvet Underground, Dick Dale and the Brian Jonestown Massacre with a heavy dose of Brit-pop influence. It’s the perfect combination of Californian hooks and the catchiness of the Richard Ashcroft’s early work – so maybe let’s just say the Rolling Stones. You’d be hard pressed not to make the comparison on Loose Talk, but the track is a standout. The sing-along chorus draws you in on the first listen and the guitar work and textures seal the deal. Perhaps the best compliment I can give this band is that despite all the bands who try to draw from the same influences, very few pull it off. The Purrs pull it off exceptionally. You never once feel this band is trying to follow a formula.

From the opening notes of Get on With Your Life, you are introduced to a new sound. The surf rock guitar intro is slowly combined with Jima’s nasally whiney vocals and a delicate pop melody and even though it may seem like background music, you start to take notice.

The slow, droning guitar riff and simple strings on The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of are the prefect example of why this band is great. The song isn’t a mismash of sounds and quirky time signatures, it’s a straight-forward sounding track that’s easy to enjoy; and when it comes to a night out, drinking pints and watching a band, isn’t that what we all want?

MP3:: Loose Talk
Hype Machine has lots more MP3’s by the Purrs.

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