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At times, the internet is a bad thing. It exposes us to a seemingly inifite amount of Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson, it gets us caught up in the never ending circle of blogger hype, but perhaps the most frustrating thing is it give music lovers the chance to download albums before they are completed and sequenced.

TV on the Radio are back, and the band was crushed by the early leak on their new album, Return to Cookie Mountain. The tracks weren't sequenced and with a band like TVotR mood and tone are everything. They rely on subtle sounds, textures and feelings more than any other Indie band going. After the first few listens of the properly sequenced album, it was quite obvious the album was worth the wait.

Despite the success of Desperate Youths, Blood Thirsty Babes at times it felt like a scattered release, almost like the band couldn't decide exactly what to leave in and what to take out (which given the bands abiltiy to play free jazz, blues, post rock, and punk rawk it is easy to see why). This is certainly not the case for RTCM. They still use layer after layer, mixing pounding drum machine programmed electronics, white noise and Tunde Adebimpe's amazing voice, but everything seems to have a specific purpose (including getting David Bowie to appear on Province, but making his voice barely audible).

Despite the constant comparisons to bands like My Bloody Valentine, the fact this record channels Prince, the Talking Heads and of course Bowie is what hooks me. Sure the overwhelming sonic attack the band delivers is fantastic, but it's subtle touches of beauty (windwoods, bowed bass) of the songs that explode into your headphones. This blurred line behind beauty and chaos is exactly why I love this record.

They are playing Vancouver on October 3rd with support from Grizzly Bear::
Tuesday Oct. 3rd/06 @ the Commodore

Check out the first single and the amazing EL-P remix of Hours::
MP3:: Wolf Like Me
MP3:: Hours - EL-P remix

@ 1:27 PM, mt. horeb kicked the following game:

this albm is the one of the greatest ever, and it stacks up to the likes of ok computer.


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