Sunday, October 1, 2006

Reviews:: Andrew Bird Fingerlings 3

After Friday's lovely Andrew Bird show, his CDs have been reshuffled in the shuffle. There is a distinct difference between Andrew's live show and his studio, which is why his final chapter in the Fingerlings trilogy - Fingerlings 3 - is such a welcome addition to my collection.

The CD is an official bootleg and features live tracks as well as studio cuts that didn't make the albums. More importantly, it really sets a mood that hovers between the whimsy of his studio albums and the quiet intensity of his live show.

As the finger plucking of Dark Matter blends seemlessly from the soulful opener (Grinning) you are swept up in the showmanship of Bird. His trademark vibrato whistle cuts through the recording like a knife, before turning the song into a mixture of guitar, violin and xylophone. The reaction is one of simple disbelief as you remember it's just one man hitting you with layer after layer forming the most subtle wall of sound you've ever heard. The album is sequenced beautifully, with the perfect transition into the gentle bowed sounds of the Water Jet Cilice. Another song, another change of pace and another emotion invoked.

The album's core is three live tracks off his latest studio release, The Mysterious Production of Eggs. From the gradual build of Measuring Cups to the frantic energy of A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left you see why Bird is such a fantastic performer. Energy, emotion and diversity. The real treat for me is Dear Dirty. The subtle build up and stacatto beat is coupled with Bird's rapid fire delivery and some well placed guitar noodles.

For a casual fan, this album is a must have because it will make you a rabid fan. For those who already are, it will surely tie you over until his debut release on Fat Possum this summer.
MP3:: Dear Dirty

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