Reviews:: The Inner Banks (in real-time)

OK. This might turn out horrible, but I'm going to try to give this record from Dag! artists, The Inner Banks, a review in real-time. I think it might work because they are an atmospheric, mostly instrumental outfit that relies on tones and feeling.
The 7-song EP clocks in around 35 minutes. Here we go:

Track 1 - Electric
0:01 – this CD starts out like I’m about to follow the porpoise on a journey. Jacques Cousteau and Steve Zissou theme music. I hope we get some Bowie.
0:42 – still kicking it aquatic style
1:00 – nice guitar and bass…slow gradual build.
1:18 – beautiful mix with some nice subtle layers.
1:45 – the acoustic and strings are sublime
2:14 – the breakdown and sound effects make me feel like I should be watching a sub descend.
2:40 – I’m loving the strings. The layers keep building. This track is nice.
3:27 – Another tempo change. For a 4 minutes song a lot is happening
3:46 – Nature….

Track 2 – Glittering Sky
0:05 – the guitar riff intrigues me. Like a spaghetti western with a computer back beat.
0:33 – vocals. Female vocals.
0:47 – ohh, sort of a round.
1:06 – chimes are always good.
1:29 – the simplicity of each layer makes the combination very nice.
2:05 – the vocals are turning almost folky. Not sure if that is good or bad, but the musicianship is nice.
2:34 – oh, I dig the bass line.
2:50 – the bass is tight.
3:19 – the extended outro is soothing. The repeated la-la-la’s sound nice.
4:03 – The dueling vocals continue. I like this more when it is the la-la-las.

Track 3 – Siberia
0:03 – computer blips. Bring it.
0:11 – Douf. Way more drums. This is a rocker.
0:29 – the piano is sounding like something Tarantino would use when he steals someone’s ideas in his films.
0:52 – the cello is nice. The layered strings are really well done. When these guys combine layers it’s amazing.
1:25 – back to the Tarantino jams.
2:25 – Up to this point, loved the two tracks. Siberia needs to get sent to Siberia - I kid. It's hard ot keep an album diverse, so I understand why this track is here, it's just not my favorite so far.

Track 4- Buried West
0:03 – A great acoustic intro riff. I’m sold.
0:21 – the western slide and the ah-ah-ah’s are great. I’m into this track.
0:46 – guitar noodle time.
1:21 – the track sounds the same-ish as it progresses, but in a good way. The band isn't trying to do too much with this one. It's nice.
1:39 – the subtle drums and strings push this track along nicely.
2:22 – This is a solid instrumental jam. Almost like something I could picture Calexico dropping live.
3:05 – sweet lord. I think I just heard a tuba.
3:22 – ah, the vocals kick in and the track has a nice walk-along stand up bass riff. Catchy.
4:33 – Outro – my favorite track so far.

Track 5 – Anthem
0:03 – I’m feeling it. Banjo time.
0:10 – Bongos.
0:21 – Nice clear simple female vocals - with strings. This minimal style is great.
0:59 – down tempo acoustic. Coupled with the banjo.
1:47 – oh the drums kick in. This song is lovely. I wish more artists would realize you don’t need to do so much production when you have a great vocal track.
2:27 – Floor stomping break down with some hectic banjo.
2:45 – Here she comes. Yep, subtle wall of sound.
3:24 – Nice break down. The bass lines in this are so low you can barely pick them up, but they are fantastic.
4:24 – Kickin’ it up again. This song is probably the strongest. Lots of nice transitions.
5:19 – Three part harmonies. Sa-weeeet.
5:54 – Finger picked outro. Nice conclusion.

Track 6 – Rhino
0:03 – Right off the bat we are hit with a lot.
0:21 – the climbing scale makes me fell like I’m about to learn something on Sesame Street.
0:46 – strings and guitar. Very orchestral.
1:28 – This track is a getting a little stagnant.
1:41 – Horns – I just got it.. Horns, like Rhino horns? Ba-zing.
2:07 – Filler. Not digging this track much.

Track 7 – Acoustic
0:03 – Traditional pop guitar pick intro.
0:15 – I like the computer-esque build up. I’m sensing good things here.
0:41 – Kettle drums. Or something like.
0:53 – this build up is beautiful.
1:07 – I’m hoping this kicks in. It’s building.
1:35 – If this were in a dictionary, it would be under “lush sounds.”
1:59 – The synth riff is nice. The finger picked violin or cello is very Andrew Bird esque.
2:38 – This is a great track. You could put this in any movie and it would just fit.
3:21 – the Horns are nice. Man, this sounds like I’m repeating myself. No wonder I never do this type of review.
3:52 – These subtle changes are great.
4:20 – Like mushrooms, I’m wondering if this just kicked in. It's feeling good, will it get even better?
4:48 – The electric guitar work sounds nice. Not overpowering.
5:06 – Man, this will be in a Zach Braff movie soon.
6:12 – Smooth breakdown and fade out begins.

Overall impression:: I like the record. It will be interesting to hear how much sinks in on the next listen. I'm not sure the review does it justice.
It's well worth a listen, especially Anthem and Acoustic.
MP3:: Acoustic

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