Reviews:: Marquis de Tren & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Get on Jolly

I’ve been flipping through old records lately, trying to see what to save and what to ditch. It’s a funny process and some of the records I stumble upon are down right embarrassing. Some however, are hidden treasures.

One of those hidden treasures is the joint effort by The Marquis de Tren (aka – Mick Turner of the Dirty Three) and Bonnie Prince Billy (aka – Will Oldham), Get on Jolly. This EP came out in the year twooooo thowwwwsand and despite the fanatical support Will Oldham and the Dirty Three have, not many people I know really got into the project.

It’s a weird concept, with the tracks numbered not named, nary a beat of percussion, and only sparse atmospheric instrumentation, but I really think it works. The music is mostly influenced by Turner, using loops and guitar work, simply calling on Oldham to add his trademark sping (speak and sing) style for the narrative.

The tracks meander like a lazy river, lacking structure, constant pace or timing. Instead of traveling to a set destination, these tracks seem to just be moving to enjoy the journey. There aren’t climaxes, and to quote one of Oldham’s lyrics, my life can only break out in songs that have no purpose. I’d be hard-pressed to write a better description for this record. But not everything needs a purpose, and the beauty that results is often better than the planned out idea.
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