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I will admit I was a bit concernicus and yet completely unconcerned with the debut album by MSTRKRT. Sure, I love their remixes of Wolfmother and Bloc Party, but I wondered if they could pull off a full length that kept my attention. With these types of projects, I normally find a couple of hooks I’m into, but find the songs start to blend together and lose me (like the new Ratatat album).

Somehow I expected these guys to have an album of similar sounding synths loops and vocoder compu vocals (which they sort of did) to the songs they've remixed, but instead the album doesn’t really sound like anything else I’ve listened too. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but when you make an album for cats who are looking to hit the floor and dance without reservations, it doesn’t have to. MSTRKRFT is actually the duo - AL- P + Jesse - and they seem to have perfected the dirty electronica that Indie kids love to hear. Funky computer blips, ADD-overactive synths and sparse computer altered sing-along vocals.

The stand out track is Street Justice. The old skool vibe of the track breaks into a straight up techno style that just keeps building until it breaks off into this crazy 80’s style fight scene style number that you’d expect to hear as Street Hawk navigates streets, or the Van Damme flattens some nare-do-well in some prison brawl. It’s the type of track you see people on the floor dancing; head down, sweaty, at the end of the night type shit. It seems like a simple recipe, but very few computer based artists can successfully make the formula work.

The strength of the album is the variety of styles and eras that get touched on. From the 80’s latin feel of Easy Love - that sounds like something you’d hear Kenny drop in Beat Street (Somebody say Ramon!) - to the down and dirty beat of the title track, to the bongo, hand-clapping funk of Bodywork, you just keep nodding along. I’m sure every DJ on Indie night will be giving this record mad love.

I’m by no means an expert on this type of music, as I rest firmly in the hip hop died in about ’95 camp and dance about once a year, but I’m strangely intrigued by these tracks. Granted, I know I’ll be over this in about a week, but it’s a cool mishmash of electro, dance punk with some old school hip hop flare. If that’s your style, I’m not sure you’ll find a much better record than this one.

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Video:: Easy Love
MP3:: Easy Love – via Rewriteable Content

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