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Well, I’m back from Nam with lots of music to talk about. First, I must say Shane held the fort lovely when I was gone. Took $640 bucks from the herohill crawlspace and put it in our sock. Second, if Nam is any indication, the Canadian music scene is blowing up. I heard Celine and Bryan Adams in almost every town we went to, so lookout world.

Anyway, back to the muzak. While I was away, we got some tracks from a great NY band called the Love. The Love is really Jamie Stellini and Jessie Murphy and you will love (see how I played that one?) the pop sensibility they deliver. With most two-piece acts, you focus on the voices and the guitar work – which is usually simple acoustic riffs. The Love expands on those simplistic building blocks, adding horns, crashing drums, and some tasty guitar noodling (on the ironically upbeat, depressing track Call You Home) and some nice wordplay.

When people hear this duo, the most obvious comparisons are to folk artists like Joni Mitchell and The Indigo Girls (or maybe for a more modern comparison - Tegan and Sara), simply because of the strength of their traded vocal work, but these songs are more than folk tracks. New York is a perfect example. The addictive hand claps and horn section will make even the saddest sad sack bop along with the girls.

Their new record is called (or at least the songs are labeled) Songs for the Record, and if these songs are any indication of the talent, we should all go out and grab it.

For those in the NY area, they are playing some local dates::
Nov 11 2006 11:00P Hank's Saloon of Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York
Dec 1 2006 8:00P Waltz Astoia Astoria, New York
Dec 2 2006 7:00P Mo Pitkins New York, New York

MP3:: New York

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