News::In Reality, A Wolverine Would Just Eat A Buckeye

The Wolverine could be the Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the animal world, as it's pound for pound one of the fiercest animals you'll find. The Buckeye is some fruity tree that grows in Ohio. So if a Wolverine and a Buckeye were to tangle, the Wolverine would tear the Buckeye to pieces.

But that is the opposite of what happened tonight, as the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes beat the #2 Michigan Wolverines 42-39 in the American college football. As everyone knows, I'm a huge Michigan fan, so watching the game tonight was an agonizing experience. But it was a crazy game, almost living up to the massive hype served up by the media before the game.

So in the end I don't really have any complaints, even though Michigan lost. They played hard, especially future Heisman winner Mike Hart, but OSU's Troy Smith and his posse of unlimited recievers wasjust too much for them. I assume they'll win the National title. As long as Ack's Notre Dame doesn't get near it. Not because Ack loves them, but because UM already beat them earlier this year, doesn't seem right.

Anyway, in closing: R.I.P. Bo

Oh, and these dudes can eads.

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