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This is hopefully the first of many posts highlighting the musical talent found here in Halifax, and the Maritimes in general. Born partly out of spite due to the Ack's mocking of my love for many things Maritime, the main reason I'm doing this is because, as always, there's plenty of talent here on the Atlantic and there doesn't seem to be much blog coverage of the music scene here. So there.

Why start with The Superfantastics? Well even if you can't hear it up there in Upper Canada over the dull roar of all your money counting machines, The SF's have some buzz. They recently released an excellent EP, Like Letters, they have a nifty interview up on the Chart Attack, and they're premiering their new video tomorrow night at Ginger's Tavern. What else? Well their first single, What Will You Do Now? is a wonderful pop song, and it's original title was Theodore Tugboat, What Will You Do Now. Any band that can a good song about Halifax's favorite tugboat is good enough for me. Good enough for you too, I might add, don't argue.

The Superfantastics are the White Stripes-ish configuration of Matthew MacDonald on guitar and vocals, with Stephanie D'Entremont on drums and the vocals also. The White Stripes sans awkward relationship rumors I should point out, as the SF's are strictly platonic. Citing some of Halifax's past indie icons (Sloan, Thrush Hermit, The Superfriendz) as influences, The Superfantastics produce a minimal yet cheerful brand of rock & roll. Minimal though it may be, it's also uptempo and catchy. A full length album is in the works for the spring, and if their 11 minute EP is any indication, I'll be fantastically on board.

mp3::Theodore Tugboat, What Will You Do Now


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