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Halifax is not the concert mecca you think it is. I know you think we're living the high life down here with Anne Murray, Ashley MacIssac, and Buck65's french wife playing every other night, but it just isn't so. So when a big name act plays here, it's big news. The Rolling Stones concert in September, that I didn't mention on the hill at all, was a huge deal here. So needless to say, last night's Gun N Roses show at the Metro Centre was also a big deal. Of course parenthood and good taste (I kid!) kept me away from the show, but thanks to the miracles of youtube I have seen the highlight anyway:

Why yes, that is Bubbles performing Liquor & Whores with a rather bemused Axl, who appears to have no idea who the boys are.

But in case you've googled "Halifax Guns N Roses concert rocks ass!!!" to get here, don't leave just yet. Friend of herohill, Malcolm "MRC" Rodgers has graciously provided us with a sass-free, non-ironic review of the concert, so enjoy:

Guns and Roses took the stage at close to midnight, after a workmanlike performance from the Trews including performance of their hit "I'm tired of Waiting (for your new cd)". The first 5 GNR songs, from the first pluck of Welcome to the Jungle to the sing-a-long Knocking on Heavens Door had the entire crowd in a frenzy. Robin Finck (ex-NIN, ex-Cirque-de-soleil) delivered an interesting but perhaps somewhat out of place guitar solo performance (which would soon play out to be a recurring theme for the night). These solo-performances, with the especially memorable cover of Angie by Chris Pittman on piano definitely served notice of the musicianship in the group. Most fans in the audience were happy to hear how "Slash-like" the guitar solos were, while I'm sure some others were happy to see Ron Thal (aka Bumblefoot) add his own experimental twists on top of the GNR chedda. The new Guns and Roses material, highlighted by "Better" and "Madagascar" were performed to a rousing reception. It is hard to tell whether the "new" material will stack up to classic GNR, but tonight at least, the songs stood shoulder to shoulder with the hits.

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