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The Ack and I talk plenty during the average workday. Most of it is peppered with nonsense and inside jokes that only we understand as well as obsucre music references. Well thanks to the miracle of You Tube, we can now find videos for a lot of those references. So I figured why not post videos for songs or artists we mention during the day? It'll be funny for us at least. And what do you care, how much do you pay to read this? I thought so.

Video::Father MC I'll 4 For You

[14:50] Naedoo: haha, which is crazy, still don't realize I am a father
[14:50] ack - herohill.com: haha.... good.. be like father MC
[14:51] Naedoo: haha, I will be like father mc


- Whoever posted this video (a Mr. Discofrog) made it from a tape of Xtendamix, the old Muchmusic dance show. If you were in high school in Canada in 1991, that just made you smile.

- This video was #14 on the Xtendamix chart. Can you imagine 13 videos better than this? And you wonder why all us bitter 30 year olds pine for the good ole days of the early 90's.

- Video concept is pretty much straight jacked from Bobby Brown's My Prerogative, right down to the face mics and the chick band. Although can you ever go wrong with a chick on the Keytar? Rhetorical question, no you can't.

- I enjoy the move at the start of the video where Father comes up behind that chick on the Keytar and just randomly hits some keys. They edit it like he actually played the notes in the song, but a keytar enthusiast like myself isn't fooled, he wasn't really playing it.

- I'm reminded that Father MC had one of the nicer two level fades in the game, complete with blonde dye accent. Perhaps if that hairstyle had stayed in fashion beyond 1993, Father MC might've made it to 2 hit wonder status.

- The Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" beat is not ever infectious as hell. Who doesn't enjoy Black Rock & Ron's You Can't Do Me None or 3rd Bass' Brooklyn Queens? I could put this beat on and rap in a bad Chinese accent about what an awesome Prime Minister Stephen Harper is, and you'd be like, "Yes, this is the jam". (I know my American friends, you don't know who Stephen Harper is, but that's all right, plenty of Canadians probably don't either)

- He calls himself the Black Hummingbird, I'm not qualified to explain why that's great.

- Unless I'm mistaken, Father MC is doing the electric slide at one point in the video. The electric slide was huge, don't ever forget that.

- Mary J. Blige makes her debut on lead vocals. So awesome that she became a superstar while the Father's career highlights include a rumor that he diddled Diddy, posing nude for Playgirl, and several dead beat dad arrests. Do 4 you indeed!

- He uses the line "It may be sexy, but it is true". This describes so many situations in my own life, you have no idea.

- As an aside, I know you still have my Father MC tape Chris Devlin, or I like to believe you do. I knew when I was lending it to you that I might never see it again, but I decided to trust you. Well just so you know, I have never been able to trust anyone from Dartmouth ever again because of what has become known in my househald as the "Father MC tape episode". So when you're googling yourself, as I know you do you vain bastard, I hope you find this and the pangs of guilt are unbearable.

- Everyone leaves on the elevator at the of the video, always wondered where they were going. Is there a better video on the next floor? Tres mysterious!

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