Sunday, November 12, 2006

Reviews:: Camp Radio self-titled

It's fun to open up your inbox and find a link to a great MP3. It's even better when the link goes to an album like the debut release from CampRadio. Hailing from our nation's capitol, Camp Radio is a super rocking three-piece with catchy hooks and some nice punk roots.

The band, made up of singer/songwriter Chris Page, drummer Dave Draves and bassist Scott Terry, takes me back to the early 90's when I was starting to get into punk rock. Combining melodies and a raw energy, the songs on this record are everything you should be looking for in music. Crunching straight forward, nonsense guitars, rollicking drums and subtle, but well structured bass lines. Songs like Beat Me to the Medics are impossible to not nod along with, and instead of trying to overcomplicate everything, this guys are comfortable using the KISS method (something a lot of musicians should take note of).

The album is out on Kelp Records - and for all you vinyl heads, it's also released on 180g vinyl so that is win win - and a CD release show should be coming up soon. It's Sunday, it's pissing rain today and this record is suiting the weather perfectly. Spend the 9 bucks and buy this record!
MP3:: Cons at the New Moon
MP3:: On the Landing Strip

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