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Like Aitken diving into a swimming pool, Anticon artist Martin Dosh - aka DOSH - is making some big waves in the indie scene. Most of this hype comes from touring with Andrew Bird and adding some Tapes N' Tapes (Erik) to the lineup, but this IDM enthusiast has a knack for creating well structured, unassuming but strongly addictive percussion tracks. Despite all the sounds, the songs aren't in your face and chaotic. Needless to say, his latest album, the Lost Take, is blowing my mind.

Most people are talking about the Andrew Bird violin laced number, (Um, Circles and Squares), but the album has far better tracks. Unlike his live performance, the crashing drums and hyperactivity tends to relent into surprisingly melodic tracks with nice beats. Much like Caribou, Dosh seems to understand the difference between rocking a crowd and creating an enjoyable record. The record starts with One Through Seven, and uses a gradual build, horns and many, many layers to make your feet tap.

The album is more diverse that your standard IDM LP. While Dosh has always been able to create nice beats (Steve the Cat for example), this record shows he's capable of setting more than just one tempo and one mood. The down tempo intro and vocals on Everybody Cheer Up Song mixed with subtle lo-fi effects contrasts with the hectic keys of A Ghosts Business. gthe same can be said about the jazzy horns of The Lost Take or the gentle guitar strums of Pink Floyd Cowboy Song. The record keeps youguessing, and more importantly keep you interested. Unlike so many IDM records, you don't get that samey feeling as tracks begin to meld into one.

For those thinking the affair sounds a little mellow, don't be phased. There are still some big head nodders, like the guitar infused MPLS Rock and Roll and the computer rock, slide guitar stee on Bottom of a Well, but the strength of the record is more than just some catchy beats. Dosh is growing as an artist and the result is well worth a few listens.
MP3:: Um, Circles and Squares.

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