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Ok. This isn’t easy at all. When I think of Los Lobos, I think of Lou Diamond Phillips. It’s impossible not too. Try it. I dare you. So, when Los Lobos record showed up in my mailbox, my first reaction was laughter. Was it fair? No, but I couldn’t help it. Regardless, I threw it in and was actually blown away. Let me repeat that. I was blown away by Los Lobos.

There new record - The Town and The City - is the band’s 13th album and it’s an amazing mix of roots, rockabilly, blues, country and even touches on that relaxed surf vibe style that (hippie approved) ALO brings to the table. Amazing guitar and percussion work, addictive melodies, lush textures; this record has it all. I had no idea what to expect from this band, but it wasn’t the Genesis-esque Hold On, the poppy goodness of If You Were Only Here Tonight, the bluesy styles of Two Dogs and a Bone or the straight-ahead roots rock of The Road to Gila Bend.

The stereotype in me expected a lot of the record to sound like the Spanish-guitar heavy, Cucha’s Cumbia, but because of the variety of the record, even that song (which isn’t in my wheelhouse normally) stands out.

This record is well worth a listen to anyone who likes good music, as you’ll find some tracks that you will love, no matter what style of rock you are into. If all of their records are this good, I’m going to have to invest in their entire back catalog. SOY CAPITAN!
MP3:: Hold On

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