Friday, November 17, 2006

Reviews:: Saturna All Night EP

Claiming to be influenced by and compared to a great band is a bitter double edge sword. Sure, people who are into that band will give you a listen, but more often than not they will be waited on baited breath to tell you why your band fails to live up to expectation.

Why would I bother telling you what you already know? Well, when I stumbled upon the new Saturna EP – All Night - and heard the names Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive, Ride, BMRC, and Spiritualized tossed around, I wondered where this band stood. Would they just be dropping names to get some attention, or would they deliver the goods?

After a few notes of the beautiful opening track, Springboard, it’s quite obvious that this trio understands the good things all of the aforementioned bands brought to the table. This style of music is usually just called obscure terms like shoegaze or space-rock, but in reality what this band does is write beautiful slow building tracks that use fuzzed out guitars, well placed breakdowns, cowbell, and feature, but don't rely on Ryan Carroll’s great vocal parts. From the first 30 seconds, the band builds up a melodic wall of sound so slowly that you don’t even notice the aural assault until you are already hooked.

This band has the right influences, but judging them on who they like is not fair. The driving, yet surprisingly pop oriented sounds of Pop Rocks, the looping goodness (on the guitars and vocal lines) and vibrating bass line of the EP closer (Chasing the Unpredictable), the ambient textures of the aptly named Blanket of Stars; obviously this EP has lots of highlights. Ironically, the one song that I wasn't sold on, Just for Thrills is the song the band is using as the single.

Sure you can enjoy the fact they like great bands, but you should take notice that they are well on their way to becoming one as well.

Check out some tracks::
MP3:: Springboard
MP3:: Pop Rocks

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I wrote myself a review on Saturna just yesterday.


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