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File this under holy shit. It's no secret I'm a huge William Whitmore fan, (and judging from our posts about him - spammers like fr$e m%rtage, ci-al-is and vi-a%gra are in total agreeance) so I was surpised to read that he already released some new songs - Hallways of Allways - on Southern Records. I guess I'm slipping.

Instead of relying on his voice and a banjo, Whitmore teams up with Jenny Hoyston and the results are fantastic. It's a 6 song EP that I thought would be as country Bryant Reeves, but from the opening 30 seconds of feedback and hiss on First of a Thousand Beasts, you get the feeling it is something different. Hoyston and Whitmore bonded over a love of 70's Nashville, and despite the tendency to think of them as a modern take on Cash & Carter, the duo actually steps away from the standard country vibe and crafts a unique sound.

Sure the heartache and depression is still there (You're Already Gone is a depressing tale of a couple left in a loveless relationship, trapped, both trying to leave), but the songs aren't just simple guitar patterns. Using feedback, sparse banjo and acoustic riffs, organ and drum machine sounds, and a great sense of harmonies, Whitmore and Hoyston bend the bounds of the country you'd expect to hear. The traditional vocal harmonies and instrumentation on We Miss You showcase Hoyston and Whitmore's ability to pay tribute to the music they grew up with, but the atmospheric feel of EP closing instrumental, Hallways of Allways is something completely different and very, very enjoyable.

For those who fell in love with Whitmore on previous releases, fear not. He still delivers his classic banjo picking on Marrow and his trademark vocals on Black Iowa Dirt (backed only by a fast paced guitar riff). Maybe the best way I can describe this record is to say it's different enough to excite fans, but traditional enough to warm your country-loving heart. Check it out and support this duo. Hopefully it's the first of many.

MP3:: First of a Thousand Beasts

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