Contest:: The Cure 2005 Festival

It's the holiday season, so we are in a giving mood. Suretone Records released a DVD of the Cure's 2005 European festival tour. The Cure is one of the most influential bands ever. When you take a step back and realzie how many amazing songs they wrote,you can't help but be impressed. On the flip side, even if you hated them, you can laugh at the people that dressed like Robert Smith in High School.

The DVD is really cool. The current trio added Porl Thompson on guitar and played 9 headline shows in Europe during 2005. During the shows, fans were given cameras to record the action, along with actual videographers. The result is a pretty realistic representation of what it's like to see the Cure. Unlike the Beasties version of this experiment, the shots are much longer, so you get to focus on the band and the impressive 30-track setlist.

The set list itself is a whole lotta hits, including some of my favs:
The Blood
The End of The World
Shake Dog Shake
Never Enough
Just Like Heaven
In Between Days
The Drowning Man
Shiver and Shake

So - if you want to tease your hair, wear some eyeliner and dance around in your sadness, drop us an email - herohill at gmail dot com with the Cure in the subject line.

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