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Port O'Brien is another great band we found via the ole myspace. The band is really the work of Van Pierszalowski, and his story is as unique as his name.

Spending his summers working on his dad's fishing boat in Alaska, Van (and his bandmate - Cambria) spends his winters in Oakland playing his psychedelic folk music with some heavy hitters in the indie scene (Man Man, Vetiver, Akron\Family).

Port O'Brien has released two records - Nowhere to Run EP and When the Rain Comes LP - and despite the rough exterior of the tracks, the potential is unreal. Van manages to grab your attention with a balance of folk structure and experimentation. It's easy to throw out comparisons (Bright Eyes, Jon Swift, maybe even the early sounds of the Shins), but I think he's more interested in forming his own sound.

At times his vocals are similar to a more subdued Wolf Parade - especially on My Eyes Won’t Shut, but instead of using quirky transitions, Van finds a catchy melody and uses it for the duration. All too often, musicians try to make every song a journey, with tempo changes and breakdowns that merely distract form the overall song. Van avoids this trap with subtle changes and instrumentation instead of radical changes.

The highlight of his myspace freebies is Five and Dime. Starting as a beautiful picked ditty about avoiding the traps of living a normal life, the songs grows into something more as soon as you settle into the simple message. Drums and bass explode into your headphones, making this track more than another lovely ballad you'd hear in a coffeehouse. Van’s work - on first listen - is something that seems so familiar you are engaged right away, but when you really start to listen to the songs you realize the combination is something you’ve never heard before.

The most exciting part about these songs is the unlimited potential I hear from the band. As they become more comfortable playing together and mixing in the banjo, melodica, bass and drums, this band could become something big.

MP3:: My Eyes Won't Shut
MP3:: Five and Dime

@ 10:23 AM, joel kicked the following game:

great find man.


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oh, that's sweet. van rocks. självklart.


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