News:: Cub Country and Dolorean

Who doesn't love Northwest rootsy, americana music? Well, lots of people, but I'm not one of them. So here are a few tidbits to get you excited::

Jeremy Chatelain - aka Cub Country - left Seattle and continues his quest to start a Cub Country fan club in every state. He released a 7-inch on - Lucky Knife, earlier in the year and has graciously added the tracks to his myspace page for download.

It marks a big change for his song writing, as he embraces a Crazy Horse guitar style and a booming harmonica (Humor) and any fan of Joel Plaskett's latest efforts will fall in love with Lucky Knife. Sure these tracks are free, but go ahead and buy the pretty blue vinyl. It's only 4 bucks.

MP3:: Lucky Knife - Cub Country
If this is any indication of the songs he is writing for his self-proclaimed "snail of a record", it's going to be fantastic.

Dolorean (aka Al James + friends) is releasing a new record - You Can't Win - in Feruary on YEP ROC. Finally. Violence in the Snowy Fields was such a great release, and I expect only better on this one.

Hopefully the label or Al will through us a bone soon, but if you are lucky enough to be in Portland, Dolorean is opening for Eric Bachmann on Monday Dec. 11th.

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