News:: Happy Bday, Larry

Growing up as an aspiring hoops star with little to know vertical or style, the Celtics could do no wrong. I mean, other than being the ugliest team alive, none of the Celtics could dunk. They relied on crisp ball movement, up-and-unders, and they celebrated big wins by dancing like Elaine. Moustachio-ed Larry Bird was the poster child and the first athlete I worshipped.

Larry was unreal to watch. He would pull one-footed runners at the buzzer to absolutley crush an opponent. He would do slow, fake passes to no one and people fell for it time and time again. His game was as dry as a popcorn fart, and I LOVED IT. He's the only person I can remember who explained missing a dunk by saying he jupmed too high.

His clip for Superstar 1 is still one of those tingles when you watch it events - like hearing Still #1 by KRS-ONE (as Shane and I both agree it must be true). It's like Charlie Weis' front orb. It's perfect. His game was so slow that it syncs up 100% with John Cougar tracks:

Today is his bday, and herohill wants to give him a shout out.

Look how terrible his highlights are when not set to a hicked-out country tune:

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