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On the off chance that any of our regular readers don't also read deadspin, I thought it was necessary that I write this post, to help spread the word that Razor Ruddock is back. Didn't know he was eve here in the first place you say? Oh, you're a kidder you are. Donovan "Razor" Ruddock was something of a Canadian celeb in the early 90's when we all thought he got jobbed in his first fight with Tyson. Razor managed to win the Canadian title and work his way back into consideration for another title shot before getting demolished by part-time Canadian Lennox Lewis.

But now Razor is back with perhaps his greatest victory, the Boxer Compactor. Yes, in an obvious move, Razor Ruddock has invented a garbage compactor. As his site elegantly puts it: "Now Ruddock is back, and he wants to crush your garbage".

But don't let me spoil it, let Razor break down the genesis of the Boxer Compactor:

"One day, I realized I was always dragging garbage bags around, and that it was absolutely unnecessary,” says Ruddock. “I drew a sketch, with the help from my wife, of a device that could compress our garbage, and we realized we had a product on our hands. There’s nothing else like it on the market."

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's true, I haven't seen many trash compactors invented by former boxers. The boxer-invented trash compactor market is certainly far from saturated. Like Ruddock's feared trademark punch, the smash, the Boxer Compactor has a hidden lever that helps apply some 400 pounds of pressure to your trash which will certainly, uhh, smash it. Being the astute businessman he is, Razor is launching the Boxer Compactor in Toronto first before going global. Why Toronto you ask?
"Most people, particularly Torontonians, have out-of-control garbage." I know first-hand that this is true. But hopefully the Razor won't stop in Toronto, the world has plenty of garbage that needs to be smashed.

I actually went to you tube to find some classic footage of Razor's old fights, what I found instead can conservatively be described as 1000 times better. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, he delivers videos like this:

If, when I opened the Boxer Compactor, I saw Razor's head in the trash telling me to stop living in garbage land, I would buy one of these in a second. Best invention of 2006? Razor Ruddock's Boxer Compactor wins it in a smash.

@ 1:53 PM, Mowie kicked the following game:

Boxer turned inventor Jack Johnson invented a type of wrench while incarcerated for a year. He even got it patented!

And for a musical connection, there's a Miles Davis album tributed to Johnson.


@ 5:00 PM, Bobby Sims kicked the following game:

The idea is actually quite brilliant.
You can't buy manual compacters and electric compacters are expensive.
People think Boxers can't invent things but that's stupid. How can you be a champion boxer and be stupid?


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