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As the rain turns to snow here in Vancouver, you start spending more days inside or bundled up in a heavier coat. Rather than rocking crunchy guitar riffs and pounding drums, I tend to slide into the more moody, chime-filled minimalist jams. They just seem to fit the season perfectly. Earlier this year, I was consistently playing Casiotone for the Painfully Alone while I walked, huddled into the collar of my peacoat. This winter, it seems that the new Au Revoire Simone record – The Bird of Music – will be the one warming my bones.

Au Revoire Simone is a Brooklyn based trio (Au Revoir Simone are Heather D'Angelo -vocals, drum machines, keyboard :: Erika Forster - vocals, keyboard :: Annie Hart - vocals, keyboard), and they combine lovely vocals with simple, delicate yet very engaging keyboard/drum machine tracks. I know this seems like an easy-to-duplicate recipe, but without a cushion of layers and layers, mistakes are quickly highlighted. Trying to pull off the subtle drum rhythm and keyboard sounds of Don’t See the Sorrow requires a strong narrative, and this band certainly has that.

The record moves at a leisurely pace (even on the fantastic, upbeat, Stars-esque tracks like the Sad Song and Night Magestic, you never feel a sense of urgency); enjoyable and relaxing, but never, ever boring. Instead of frantic backbeats and crashing drums that make me want to run around, I find myself just soaking in the textures that are the perfect accompaniment for a cold morning walk.

They are streaming a couple of songs from the new release on their myspace page (well in advance of the release, so I don't think it's fair to post them), so I’ll include a couple tracks from the last record.
MP3:: Hurricanes
MP3:: Through the Backyards

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