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Coach and Four lured me in with a simple concept. Any band that can write a song about a cinderella story advancing to the NCAA Final Four is always going to rank high in with me. But we will get to that later.

The new Coach and Four EP - The Great Escape - is very diverse. Being relatively unfamiliar with their last album, I wasn't sure what to expect. The result is not a bad listen at all.

Hello Destroyer is filled jangly guitars and power chorus and grabs you from the get go. Hearts and Arrows sounds so pleasantly like the Jade-tree era late 90's indie rock bands I loved (Promise Ring, Owls, Joan of Arc). Crunchy guitars, minor chords, and quirky vocals. The band also mixes in some instrumental tracks and different styles, so for a seven-track EP, you really see the talent the band has.

OK - enough with that. Let's talk about the song that makes herohill smile from ear to ear. Tiger High '85 is a fan's recount of the Memphis State Tigers run to the Final Four in '85/86. Vocalist Brad Stanfill takes us back to the title run, talking about players, wearing team colours and the clincher - has a lyric about Villanova and one about Bill Walton. Seriously. Merds of the world who also dig sports need to jump on this jam. Maybe herohill is too old and getting teary-eyed about the glory days again (hip hop from 1987-1993?), but thinking about Ed Pinckney reppin' for the Wildcats is awesome.

MP3:: Tiger High '85

@ 11:09 PM, William kicked the following game:

Wasn't Pinckney blown out of his mind on coke when Villanova played Memphis?


@ 11:21 PM, ack kicked the following game:

ha ha ... i have no idea, but i sure hope so! makes a way better story.


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