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It’s only been a couple of days since I posted my list, but I already think I made a glaring mistake. Over the last few months, I’ve collected a smattering of J Tillman tracks, always enjoying what I heard. Well, I finally got my hands on a copy of Minor Works, and it should have been included on the Best-of List.

Tillman is a seasoned musician who has played with Dolorean and Damien Jurado, and his style fits perfectly in with those artists. His songs are soft and soothing, melancholic Americana, highlighted by his weary, hushed voice. Dripping with emotion, Tillman’s voice seems as heart-broken as his lyrics, too hurt to raise much above a whisper.

Minor Works marks a step forward, as his guitar is backed by a full band, including slide and strings (these really add depth to the fantastic Jesse’s Not a Sleeper), but that doesn’t take away from the intimacy of the effort. You can still here Tillman clear his throat on songs, and squeak his fingers along his frets. You still wonder if the recordings were meant for other people to hear or just for him.

Hopefully with a full release, people will finally be able to hear how great this young singer from the Northwest really is.
RIYL:: Rocky Votolato, Dolorean, Ryan Adams

MP3:: Jesse’s Not a Sleeper

Older tracks::
MP3:: Cecille, My Love
MP3:: Seven States Across
MP3:: My Waking Days
More tracks via the hype machine.

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