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This post is dedicated to Braylon Edwards, whose meaningless TD with 4 minutes to go last night will probably ruin my chances of winning my fantasy pool. That catch was, the Fatalist.

Robbers on High Street are back, well almost. The new EP - The Fatalist and Friends - is a teaser for the upcoming summer release, Grand Animals. All I can say is if these songs are any indication, the full length will be something to behold.

The four song EP opens with The Fatalist, and as usual, the band brings crunchy guitar riffs and, more importantly, a bass line that slinks around and makes you want to dance.

When I first heard of these guys, like many, I typecast them as simply another NY band trying to mimic Spoon. Vocal similarities, the same guitar crunch, but the fun basslines really separate the two. Jeremy Phillips lets his fingers do the walking, and really bring life to the tracks. This band doesn't take itself nearly as serious, and that shows in the upbeat tracks they write.

The EP moves seemlessly into Married Young, a frantic rocker that uses another stellar bass line to complete the track instead of the too often used new wave synths. It's hard to listen to these songs and not at least nod along. Overall, this little EP has got me very excited for the sophomore release.

Also - is it just me or does the intro to their cover of McCartney's Monkberry Moon Delight sounds like Men at Work's Land Down Under?

MP3:: The Fatalist
MP3:: RoHS Live @ Woxy

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