Reviews:: The Terrible Twos - If you ever see an owl

It's the holiday season. Chances are if you read music blogs, you aren't looking to buy a gift for your kids, nieces and nephews to let them know you are still hip. But if you are, we have the gift for you.

The Terrible Twos are essentially the New Amsterdams (front man Matt Pryor who you might remember from the Get Up Kids), but this time around they recorded an album for kids.

Matt realized that shit like Barney is annoying for parents and wanted to make some music both kids and parents can get into. The result is a record of great New Ams style music with kid approved subject matter. Forget songs of lost love and pain, let's sing about pizza and chocolate milk or playing outside.

So if you are looking for a hip gift for a youngen', or some music for your friends who just had a kid and are sick of singing along to Elmo, but the record here.
Check out some songs::
MP3:: When I Get to Eleven
MP3:: Caroline

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