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Reviews::Two Hours Traffic - Isolator

Looking back at the hill this past year, Ack and I have done some pretty good work. Ack has done most of the heavy merd lifting, but I've been on the scene to add my 2 cents here and there. It struck me as I was looking back over tons and tons of posts, that something was missing. What was that something? P.E.I. Yes, it struck me that we have an inexcusable lack of content relating to Canada's smallest province. For example, did you know that until May 1, 1924, automobiles drove on the left side of the road? I thought not. Well lucky for me, I came across Isolator, the new EP from the pride of Charlottetown, PEI, Two Hours Traffic.

Formed at UPEI (Chemistry students no less! Even that famous Maritime hater Ack has to love that) while they were still mere lads, THT released their self-titled debut in 2005. Produced by Halifax rock & roll superstar, and herohill, acquaintance Joel Plaskett, THT's debut garnered them some critical praise and an and ECMA nomination. What's more, they landed a song on the O.C. (Limelight). The O.C.! C'maaan guy, don't front, you know that's big time right there. Not that I've ever watched it, but plenty of big bands have been featured and I hear the kids enjoy it. Or they did enjoy it, I don't hear much about it anymore. None the less, THT make energetic, youthful music that somehow still seems mature and interesting.

So what of the new EP, Isolator? Joel Plaskett is back to produce, the boys have progressed as musicians, and we're left with an excellent power pop album about which the only negative thing I can say is that it's too short. The pleasant guitar jangle and sing-along chorus of Stuck For The Summer make it plenty addictive and a perfect song for the, uhh, summer. Jezebel sounds like uptempo with it's old-time revival organ and if it doesn't also have you singing along, you might need a pulse check. Heatseeker slows things down on the country tip and kicks off with the lyric "Take me for a ride/I hear you've got a Honda with some fire on the side/That's just fine". I'll say it's fine! Great lyric, I couldn't not like the song after that. New Love seems to be the song people point to in citing THT's Cars influence, but it reminds me of Maritime's We, The Vehicles, which I enjoy immensely.

Even though I hear a rumor that Two Hours Traffic might have made the requisite move to Toronto, they still qualify as both a boost to our PEI content and serve as another entry in my Maritime music posting series. According to their website, THT will be recording early in the new year with hopes for a spring release. Certainly good news, but for now, pick up this fine EP. You will like it. That is a guarantee. If you do not, I will buy you the biggest bag of PEI potatoes the Bedford Sobey's has available. Unfortunately, I will not deliver it, but I will store it until such time as you are able to pick it up. Really, it's win-win for you.

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