Sunday Morning Listening:: James Hunter

It's Sunday morning, and my routine is pretty consistent. Some coffee and hours of football. Normally, I throw on James Brown, Amos Lee or Sam Cooke - I'll admit my soul collection is not very dense - when I'm making breakfast. That all changed recently when I stumbled upon an English artist that has firmly planted himself into my Sunday morning playlist.

James Hunter is a throwback to artists of yester-year. His latest record - People Gonna Talk - is wonderful. His style reminds me a lot of Sam Cooke, they way he sings, his phrasing (not really the voice itself - as Hunter replaces Cooke's smooth style with a rougher edge), but like fellow new-soul artist Amos Lee, he doesn't simply try to duplicate the greats. He puts a unique spin on his music, like the ska/reggae vibe of the title track, but he balances it out with a really traditional take on soul (No Fire Without Smoke and You Can't Win).

I'm not going to embarass myself trying to talk soul. I know what I like, and James fits perfectly into that niche.

Hear some songs on his myspace page.
MP3 links:: Apparently - I'm not the only fan.

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