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Shane, Lapaix and I started herohill a long ass time ago. At first it was more a way to use MS Paint to draw afros on our friends and make terrible covers for our own slice and dice kung-fu video highlight tapes. Instead of the priceless music commentary we bring you now, we concerned ourselves with sneakers and how to make fun of Lap’s younger brother.

More importantly, at that time I was into nothing but punk rock and the Beastie Boys. Shane was still telling people he was an original member of the Skinny Boys. When herohill made our first pilgrimage to NYC in '97, Shane elected to skip the Guided by Voices show to maintain his street cred, while I drank rolling rock and Lapaix bonded with the merch guy and talked about Thrush Hermit.

Since that time, Shane has continued along his hip hop path, but taking a lot more chances and sometimes still surprises me with the shit he’s into. I’ve tried to suggest bands to him for the last few years, with some success but a lot of failures. One thing is usually certain; as much as he hates the haunting string and acoustic finger picking, he conversely loves consistent drumming and the singing saw.

For that reason I decided to make the first installment of the Shane Loves Consistent Drumming series, entitled “Specs So Large They Make Jarvis Cocker Blush.” Hopefully he (and you) will enjoy it:

Download the complete mix::

  • Sons of Cain – Ted Leo
    Of all the musicians I’ve ever recommended to Shane, Ted Leo is the one he 100% got into. For that reason, there could be no other opener.
  • Pillar of Salt – The Thermals
    I’ve realized it’s a safe bet to find an artist he likes and find ones that people compare to said artist. The Thermals are compared to Ted Leo all the time, therefore, he should like them.
  • Eighteen – Forward Russia
    Usually, Shane has no time for anything hipsterish, so a band that names their songs simply by the number they were written would piss him off long time. However, crunchy guitars and some hectic drums might just put him back in the mustard.
  • The Fatalist – Robbers of High Street
    Like Parliament, Shane wants the funk. The bouncy bass line is too addictive to ignore. Throw in the Spoon-esque guitars and standard V-C-V format and we have a winner.
  • Please Remain Calm – Cloud Cult
    The booming drums that start this track are a plus, but so is the Wolf Parade, Modest Mouse yelp.
  • National Anthem of Nowhere – Apostle of Hustle
    If you’ve ever seen Mack on the hardwood, he actually is the apostle of hustle. So much he’ll get mad at someone for not boxing out or not giving 110% on D.
  • Split Needles (alt version) – The Shins
    As much as he razzes me for loving shit like the Shins and Iron & Wine, this alternate version is too good to deny, much like Doobie Beals in Grade 12.
  • Microphone Song – Canasta
  • History Song – The Good, The Bad and The Queen
    For some reason, Shane-o loves Damon Albarn. He went to see the Gorillaz with some work chump, and as a result got stopped by drug dogs flying into Norway. After the show his jacket smelled like Otto, and somehow the drug dogs picked up on it.
  • Crazy For Leaving – Catfish Haven
    This is a personal challenge. Shane hates the white guy soul more than he hates my Fighting Irish. He always says annoying shit shit like, “If he sounds like “x”, why wouldn’t I just listen to ‘x’ (example – if I want Coke raps, I’ll just listen to Ghostface. Don’t need Clipse)?” I am daring him to not like this track.
  • Green Tea – Marginalia
    I actually don’t think he’ll dig this song, but I do. It’s amazing and I just wanted to put it in to break up the mix.
  • She’s Gone – Langhorn Slim
    Shane digs on cool monikers. Plus, when I gave him the New Ams album he was walking on Yonge Street when the hectic banjo kicked in and he laughed outloud and had to call me. Therefore, he should love this whole track.
  • Down in the Valley – The Broken West
    Power pop is just something no one can not enjoy.
  • John Brown – Papercuts
    Man, explaining why I dig these songs or how I can make fun of Shane is exhausting.
  • I’ll Do Whatever You Want – Memphis
    I have to give it to Shane. He reps Canadian content way more often than I do. This is a great Canadian side project that I wish people would pay more attention to.
  • The Motions – Ghost Stories
    Simply put – Shane loved Clarity by Jimmy Eat World. The outro to this song channels that awesome record.
  • Heirlooms and Plates & Saucers – The Acorn
    Ending a mix with two songs by the same band? This is the classic John Boomer two-flow he included in all his high school mixes. Boomer stole me my grade 12 basketball kicks from Consumers Distributing and also let someone try on his jacket and watched the guy simply walk away with it. Pretty funny shit.

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