Tuesday, January 30, 2007

News:: Vancouver VFest announced

Well, after the success of last years Virgin Mobile Fest - which included huge acts and was the second biggest even in Toronto that weekend (I got married the same day) - this year the headline acts have been announced for the first Vancouver based installment of the event.

I mean, it's a bit sketch to see who is showing up this time around. Comparing the second rate acts from last year's fest to the "headliners" this year is not even a fair trade off. Muse was a late add on last year, now they are the third biggest draw (a year after the new album came out)? Billy "lack of" Talent is one of the must see acts?

While I will admit I'm disappointed at the lineup, I decided to base my opinion on stats gathered by our crack research team here at herohill rather than simple gut reaction. As the following graph indicates, you can see a huge difference in the amount of fun metric for both festivals::

While it can't be directly related to the amount of fun that is had or not had, our research team also uncovered this interesting stat::

After careful analysis, we have deduced that as the number of goths at an event increases, the amount of fun decreases.

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