Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quick Hitters:: The Shins & YerBird announces a new comp

It's January 23rd. In case the internet is broken and you can only stumble upon herohill, the Shins new record - Wincing the Night Away - is officially out today. I'd like to write an epic about it, but everyone else already has. So I'll be brief with thoughts about one of my favorite bands:

Overall, this record shows some incredible growth for the band. The tracks play like an interesting movie. Instead of hitting you with hook after hook, the tracks unfold slowly, but Mercer and crew seem to know the exact point where you start fidgeting in your seat, because the slow builds erupt into a new sound or direction and draw you back in.

I don't think they could have created a better record for the situation. If they came with Chutes Two Narrow, fans would have started chugging haterade. The record is full of solid tracks, James still writes in his vague lyrical whimsy, and the band really does about face on some tracks without losing their original fans. I didn't really picture the Shins using electronics instead of acoustics, but I dig it.

I love that this record is not going to be for the casual listener. It would have been easy for the band to half ass another record in the same style and cash in big time.

That being said, Sea Legs is an incredible song. It throws in some R&B; and traces of the Moz. The group shows they can still write those happy, almost bouncy anthem tracks like Turn on Me.

This record is going to be one that stands the test of time. I honestly can't say anything negative about this record, and considering how poised the Shins were for a fall off, that says something.
MP3:: Phantom Limb

YERBIRD records announced their new comp, which features new tracks by herohill fav's J Tillman and Hezekiah Jones.

Here's the tracklist:
Paleo - Swimming in Money
Chris Bathgate - A Flash of Light Followed By
Alina Simone - Gunshots
J. Tillman - Barter Blues
Hayden - Message From London
Allyn Latorre - On the Banks of the River
Chauchat - Smoking Paint
Sarah White - Part of the Story
Travel By Sea - Too Much Too Quickly
Hezekiah Jones - Mississippi Sea
The Gunshy - No One Remembers The Drunk
O'Death - Angeline
Elephant Micah - Korean Sunset
Nic Garcia - Torn Up in the Machine
Oweihops - Sad Little Drunks
Matthew Ryan - Gone For Good
The Hotel Ghost - Lay Me Down

UPDATE:: Apparently, this post is brought to you by the letters A & D, because Justin @ Aquarium Drunk talked about both of these things today as well. So much for being current.

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