Monday, January 29, 2007

Reviews:: Dearborn Always in Disguise

We get a lot of myspace inquiries – I mean we've already approved over 20 friends! It’s interesting to see what readers and bands think we will react favorably too. Obviously, not everything that gets sent our way is in our wheelhouse, but its fun to break out of what we normally listen to and pass it on.

Dearborn is a Chicago based four-piece that creates music I almost never listen to – alternative radio rock. Big guitars & drums, double vocal shout/sing choruses, and some Red Hot Chili Peppers styled bass lines. I detest the radio for many reasons, so I’m often too quick to dismiss what is played on it. Dearborn is unapologetic about their style, and it helps make their music more appealing. The trouble I have with the radio is every four-piece sounds the same. Programmers pick a style and flood your ears with it. Dearborn’s sound pushes through the slog and stands on its own.

Their new record – Always in Disguise – has some tracks I found myself enjoying despite the fact I assumed I'd lose interest after a song or two. Converting a pessimist in not an easy task, but I can totally see how Always in Disguise or New Life would explode onto the airwaves. They remind me of Abandoned Pools – sure it’s radio rock, but why is that a bad thing? I can see this band transitioning to playing big shows, front-man Pino hit with a spotlight leading a hand-clapping, sweat soaked crowd as they sing along with the songs they know and love.

I think the track I most enjoy is the funk heavy bass line driven New Life. The guitars are cranked up with some ohhh’s and a chorus that sticks in your cranium. There are lots of enjoyable moments on this disc – like the subtle Jack and Diane bass on Boy Next Door, the Folds-esque piano intro of Under the Sun or the metal tinged guitar of the closing track, I Need Answers.

Let’s be honest – you probably won’t see these guys popping up on many music blogs like this one, but they’ve got bigger aspirations and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them on MTV or playing with some huge bands very soon.

Stream some songs on the band's mysapce:: Dearborn

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