Monday, January 8, 2007

Serch Knows His Rappin' Crackers

Hello loyal hill readers. I know you've missed me while I've been on my holiday hiatus, but I'm getting back in the posting saddle. Kudos to the Ack for holding down our merdly fort. So now that I'm back, what do I have for you? How about MC Serch hosting a show called Ego Trip's White Rapper Show?

Don't like that? Well tough, that's all I have. Seriously though, I came across this Radar interview with Serch which I thought was rather comical and needed sharing. As you can see for yourself, the picture that accompanies the article is enough to lure you in. Firstly Serch is posing in his hardest of hard b-boy stances, until you pan down and see that he's wearing shorts made from Rodney Dangerfield's Caddyshack pants. Then we have the collection of "rappers" with him. Look at these clowns, does anyone really want to hear any of these people rap? Well actually, I do. One of the chicks is wearing a tutu, huge medallions, and a crown. Umm, ok. There's another chick that looks like a reject from America's next top model and another who looks like a midget dropout from the Avril school of fashion. The dudes look like they just came from the generic white rapper convention, but the chicks make up for it.

To be honest, the interview itself caught my attention more than the whole white rapper show angle. The first question for starters:

RADAR: Ego Trip's The White Rapper Show is bonkers.
MC SERCH: It is bon-kares. Yes, it is definitely bonkers.

If you think I'm going to start saying bon-kares all the time, you would be correct. I also enjoyed this exchange:

RADAR: Is that why you moved them all to the South Bronx? Did anybody try to put a cap in your ass?
MC Serch: No, nobody tried to bust a cap in our ass. Nobody tried to use 1985 language with us either.

haha, better leave your rap stereotypes at home when you interview Serch. Vanilla Ice will be happy to know Serch still hates him, I wonder how Pete Nice feels:

Was it Vanilla Ice?
Nah, but it was probably his manager.

So is the feud still alive?
The feud is still ongoing.

Who's winning so far?
I think I got him by three or four years of credibility.

I haven't seen him at all in a really long time. I think he's hiding from you, Serch.
That might be. I have to let that go, though. Maybe Dr. Phil can help me.

All in all I'd like to see this show, at least once anyway for the car-crash appeal.

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